Benny Crespo's Gang

by Benny Crespo's Gang

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Benny Crespo's Gang is a progressive rock band that evokes the quirky fuzz of Sonic Youth and the dirty sludge of Queens of the Stone Age The band is co-fronted by both Helgi and Lovisa and together they sound majestically refreshing.

There's nothing modest about Benny Crespo's Gang. Consisting of four very different individuals, the band's dynamic mixture of over the top hard rock and eerie synth powered lullabies is truly unique and haunting. They have often been described as one of the most interesting bands in Iceland, and with good reason.

Benny Crespo’s Gang’s self-titled 2007 début was gobbled up by local rock-enthusiasts and received top marks from all who reviewed it. Their legendary live shows have consistently made new fans out of anyone who happens to be in the vicinity, and their much-hyped performances at the Iceland Airwaves and Aldrei fór ég suður festivals have earned them fans from all over the world and positive reviews in publications such as NME and Clash Magazine. The band is currently plotting further steps towards world domination and plan to tour the world extensively.

Benny Crespo's Gang are:

Helgi - vocals & guitar
Lovisa - vocals, guitar & keys
Bassi - drums & sampler
Magnus - bass, keys & vocals


released November 12, 2007

Music and lyrics by Benny Crespo's Gang


all rights reserved



Benny Crespo's Gang

Benny Crespo's Gang is an Icelandic rock band with split-duty boy/girl singers that sounds like the quirky fuzz of Sonic Youth and the dirty sludge of Queens of the Stone Age. The result is majestically refreshing and invigorating.

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Track Name: 123323
Blazing airplanes fall down
what's going on?
Sad emptiness comes home
can you fell it?
electric shock for sale
funny how it smells
fist in the head, my head
oh the pain

It's the end of the universe
and we're going down with it
and it's so so bad
It's the end of the century
but we're to a part of it
and it's so so bad

Blazing airplanes fall down
what's going on?
Sad emptiness comes home
can you fell it?
electric shock for sale
funny how it smells
back-stabbing girl
I thought you loved me
Track Name: Next Weekend
every single day
feels like penetration
I don't know my fucking role
this is my only home
I can't even try
this is just a point of
when I don't need anything
but feels like everything

earth begins to role
dancing through the night
I make myself
go out to find
where is that thing of mine
why does evening pass
I don't want to think of
the night coming to an end
pass on the funny friend

don't fall down
this makes you frown
I'll show you
my golden brown
Track Name: Shine
its the end of the race
and it shines of my face
I'm the one that came crumbling down
ohh my head hits the floor
it has been there before
the pain aces with every fall
when I play to myself
still she crawls to my bed
but I know it is not for real
this is it this is no
she begins to control
doesn't feel like anything else

she's coming back
with the same amount of trees
yeah you know
blistering black
and I came trough the led
yeah you know

when you're stuck in the race
you slow down loose the pace
'cos you know it's like beating the ground
there is no end there is no line
she just screams know you're mine
then you know there is no turning back
when the pain goes away
turns to blistering flames
and the blood starts to run through your veins
like a fist in your face
you wake up from the race
but you know she'll be soon turning back

its beginning to rain and it goes on the wall
it's all right
I know she's here to stay until I come
it's all good
Track Name: Come Here
find your right step on the stairs
show your face and don't be scared
take my hand and share your heart
you'll never be alone

come here with me
I'll show you where to be
when the sun has left the scene
come here with me

please tell me what i've got to do
and if we will ever make it through
it's much to late to hesitate
and make our mends again
Track Name: Running
can you help me break the ceiling
can you help me loose control
this is only the beginning
I'll make the fist turn into stone

you shouldn't crash the only feeling
that makes you feel so gross
take the things that make you shiver
turn them into rock and roll

I'll make you light my candle
ohh do you feel controlled
this is my last time talking, telling, yelling to you
like whispering from the distance
you'll have to read my lips
why can't I cancel anger, feelings, knowledge, compassion
Track Name: Numb Face
could you be saving the words
with your hands full of gifts for my grub
you could be the only one
I'll know until the end of this one

where do I get all these stitches
am I replacing facing the fire
why can't you see I´m feeling badly
when do you kick in slide in desire
stop at a light but it's the green one
and my sense is going no higher
life is a path I am facing
it's like I'm drowning in my own bottle

I can't resist tomorrow
I'm dazed and done, my face so young
I can't resist tomorrow
his face was numb, his face was numb

cutting the air with my passion
keep seeing memories closing retire
faking the pain making circlets
the colors fading sailing the distance
sliding the past into a drawer
the feelings floating loading inspire
this is the end this is the closure
time going lower slower outrunning

I gave you option to cut on my pain
but you left me behind with my guilt and my shame
the flowers are breathing the air through my vaines
and I'm floating in the past on a memory flame
Track Name: Conditional Love
I'm so frustrated
this is confusion
there is no conclusion
you where always the jealous one
I didn't know how to be right
you could always do anything
I've got a running alibi
it was always like everything
had to be done right by the book
I hate you
I love you

so under rated
we didn't make it
go make yourself glow
I just don't want to know
wipe the page slap my silly face
am I just wanting something blank
is it dead is it all so bad
we have to spend our lives apart
could have been something beautiful
but I did it all so wrong
I hate you
I love you

I love you
you bring me down
how can i rephrase it
i need you
you let me down
how can i replace you
I want you
it's all gone wrong
how can we repair it
I loved you
it's over now
why did we allow it
Track Name: Johnny's Got a Baby
I want my baby, I want my baby know

wait a minute maybe later
slow slow slow slow down
I've got to go work waiting
money doesn't fall from the sky

I need my baby, I need my baby know

this is the night you wanted
I'm ready pick me up lets go out
lets go out dancing
dance till the sun comes

I've got my baby, I've got my baby know
Track Name: The Rising (Bonus Track)
I stand out in the cold
and I don't feel you
everybody knows
it's a fucking free lunch
I'm fighting coldsnap
with my pocket full of fist
and my head rings the bell
when it's getting real thick
like every crook
I'm in a cohabitation
seeking down your throat
in my colorless guilt
when I stand up
I stand inside you
and I scream like you did
when I lied about the truth

your welcome to the rising yeah

they say okay to the system
it is a riot on the street
take my sword from the sleeve
in a conscious way
I like the feeling
in a disrespecting way
so I'll see you again
with my eyes full of sins
can you believe it
my world is going going down
the tall is going low
the low is going tall
when does this stop
when does the new begin
it is a place in the dark
that we bring out when we win

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